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Master International Relations Online 

Welcome to the M.A. International Relations Online

Are you looking for access to a global academic and professional network? Are you pursuing career opportunities around the world? Do you aim at understanding complex global issues?

Reinhard Bütikofer Co-Chairman of the European Greene
"The Center for Global Politics offers some of the most excellent and innovative programs in the field of International Relations in Europe. They provide students with the knowledge, key competencies and international networks that prospective decision-makers need in today's rapidly-changing world."

Reinhard Bütikofer
Co-Chair of the European Greens

The M.A. International Relations (IR) Online at Freie Universität Berlin offers you the opportunity to complete an M.A. degree (120 ECTS) for professionals while staying on the job. The program combines online study (90%) with in-house intensive seminar weeks (10%) and offers innovative learning tools in the field of global politics and regional studies.

The program of the M.A. International Relations Online is taught exclusively in English by international faculty and experts. We offer a full-time option (2 years) and a part-time option (4 years). Wherever you are – just log in and get going. Use the flexibility of International Relations Online to become an expert in international affairs and achieve additional qualifications for higher positions in governmental agencies, multinational corporations, NGOs, and international organizations.

The M.A. International Relations Online starts in October.

Innovative teaching methods

The world increasingly does not care what you know. Everything is on Google. That is why we focus on conveying competencies and professional skills such as negotiation and problem solution skills. This video introduces you to some of our innovative teaching methods.

We look forward to welcoming you!

We welcome your application to the M.A. International Relations Online program. Please log into our application software and complete your online application form.


Our IR Online team is happy to answer your questions and to assist you wherever possible.

Sabine Pag Student Advisor for the International Relations Online Master Program

Student Advisor:

Sabine Pag

Telephone+49 (30) 838 54 033
Anja Peters Program Manager of the International Relations Online Master Program

Program Manager:

Anja Peters

Telephone+49 (30) 838 59 267
Kristina Klinkforth Executive Manager fpr Strategic Development of the International Relations Online Master Program

Executive Manager Strategic Development and Curricula Design: Kristina Klinkforth

In case you are wondering, this is who we are.



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