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Elective Part: Global Flows and Policy Issues 32-40 ECTS

* Depending on your choice in your Study Focus Module

Global Flows: Trade, Capital and Finance 8 ECTS

Flows of capitals and trade don't stop at national borders and often create dynamics that challenge the nation-state. This module dives into this comprehensive field of analysis at the intersection between political science and economics. It comprises a broad and elaborated theoretical foundation and a variety of sound methodological tools, often borrowed from micro- and macroeconomics. Furthermore, you will be familiarized with the structure of international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In case studies, important aspects like the rise of multinational companies, the question of trade and human right standards, and new environmental challenges will be discussed.

Instructed by: Dr. Max Büge

Global Flows: Migration 8 ECTS

This module focuses on the social, political, and economic causes and consequences of migration processes. In our globalizing world, both international migration and internal displacement are on the rise. The module introduces you to theoretical approaches explaining the dynamics of migration movements and the motivation of people to move (or not to move). In addition, the module offers you an opportunity to apply these theories to specific processes of migration in both historical and current settings.

Instructed by: Prof. Silke Hans

Global Flows: Energy 8 ECTS

Energy constitutes a major lifeline in all societies and one of the most crucial sources of maintaining and developing global life. At the same time, "the energy business" is a very complex topic. In order to understand it, you need to deal with a myriad of different issues connected to this topic. This module focuses on energy policy and energy security stressing the different perceptions on energy security in importing and exporting nations. You will discuss contemporary development in providing energy security on global, regional and national levels. Special attention will be given to the EU-Russia energy dialogue as case study. You will analyze the current developments in the energy sector from political, economic, legal, and environmental angles.

Instructed by: Dr. Dmitri Mitin

Global Flows: Media, ICT and Governance 8 ECTS

Information and communication technologies – globalized media structures, the Internet and social media, satellite imagery and GIS applications – open up new ways of communication, interaction, and organization of collective action in global politics. In this module you will look into the socio-economic effects of these technologies and consider how processes of global governance may shift and empower new agents and non-state actors.

Instructed by: Prof. Na'ama Nagar

Policy Issues: Coping with Global Risks and Uncertainties 8 ECTS

This module provides you with a background on the development of security and risk, analyzing the often contested terminologies and policies that are used within this area. The theoretical section places the focus on four different conflict situations (war, civil war, terrorism, and ethnic conflict), which are explained in-depth. The module concludes with a longer section on the different approaches to security. War, defence mechanisms, and peace-keeping efforts are among the subjects that are broached within this module.

Instructed by: Dr. Stefan Engert

Policy Issues: Conflict Management and Reconciliation 8 ECTS

This module examines conflict dynamics, resolution approaches, as well as considerations and constraints to these factors. As conflict managers to be, you will learn useful tactics and strategies to enhance planning and policy-making in conflict and post-conflict management. The module will introduce you to sources and legacies of conflicts, and ways to cope with them.

Instructed by: Prof. Patricia Maulden

Narratives and the Cultural Factor 8 ECTS

This module focuses on the concepts and consequences of cultural issues in global politics. Moreover it presents you with new studies in cultural cognition and perception of the environment, including different views of the self, the community, and the concept of individual rights. You will immerse in concepts of culture and value systems, enabling you to assess and classify examples, thus gaining working methods and skills relevant to real-life situations.

Instructed by: Dr. Ipshita Basu

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