Dr. Daniel Kuchler

Daniel Kuchlers' research interests include History of Political Thought, Theory of International Relations and Modern Political Philosophy. He is instructor of the module "Explaining Global Politics: The Game of Using Theories".

Dr. Daniel Kuchler
Dr. Daniel Kuchler

Explaining Global Politics: The Game of Using Theories

Daniel Kuchler holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Rockefeller College at the State University of New York at Albany. His research interests include Modern Republicanism, International Political Theory, and Theory of International Relations. In his current research project, he argues that for Hannah Arendt, political freedom is both a spontaneous rejection of rule and the foundation of institutions. Drawing on Arendt’s critique of Platonic-Heideggerian Philosophy, he argues we should see Arendt as replacing the nexus of philosophy and political rule with her concept of political judgment. By focusing on Arendt’s account of political judgment, we can translate participatory politics into institutions and derive a thick concept of republican freedom that includes rejection of rule in favor of plurality, and membership. A second project focuses on transnational conditions necessary for republican institutions.

Selected publications: 

Books Chapters:

Kuchler, Daniel 2016 (forthcoming). “Informationelle Rechte als Grundlage republikanischer Bürgerschaft” (Information Rights as Basis for Republican Citizenship) In Politische Theorie und Digitalisierung, eds. Daniel Jacob and Thorsten Thiel. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Kuchler, Daniel 2015. “Republikanismus im Spannungsfeld zwischen Politik und Verrechtlichung” (Republicanism between Politics and Legalization) In
 Konstitutionalisierung in Zeiten globaler Krisen, eds. Jonathan Bauerschmidt et al. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Kuchler, Daniel 2015. “A Critique of Arendt’s Concept of Ideology” In New Europe College Yearbook 2012-2013, ed. Irina Vainovski-Mihai. Bucharest: New Europe College.

Kuchler, Daniel 2013. “Bedingt Analytischer Textzentrismus. Eine Kritik an Skinners Kontextualismus” (Limited Analytic Text-centrism: A Critique of Skinner’s Contextualism) In Ansätze und Methoden zur Erforschung des politischen Denkens. Schriftenreihe der Sektion Politische Theorie und Ideengeschichte in der DVPW, eds. Andreas Busen and Alexander Weiß. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Kuchler, Daniel 2012. “Die dialogisch konstituierte Polis und das Problem der Gerechtigkeit. Ein Kommentar zu Arendts Kritik an Platons Politeia.” (The dialogically constituted Polis and the Problem of Justice: A Commentary on Arendt’s Critique of Plato’s Republic) In Die gerechte Stadt. Reihe “Staatsdiskurse?, eds. Gery Schaal and Matthias Lemke. Stuttgart: Franz-Steiner-Verlag. 

Journal articles:

Kuchler, Daniel 2010. “The Critical Potential of the Copenhagen School and Critical Security Studies.” Diskurs 1/2010: 44-67.

Explaining Global Politics: The Game of Using Theories