Study Focus Global Politics

The global politics track of the curriculum introduces you to essential debates and policy fields of today’s international relations. The challenges nation-states are facing will be discussed alongside dynamics of globalization and their repercussions in European and security politics. The global politics track is one possible area for specialization for your individual study path.

Dr. Erin Wilson

Changing Global Landscapes: Globalization Challenges

Some of the major developments in global politics today are being discussed under the umbrella term 'globalization.' This module provides you with an introduction to the major transformations occurring in global economics, politics, culture,...

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Andreas von Staden

Changing Patterns of Governance: The Evolution of the State

This module introduces you to one of the most prevalent actors in international relations: the nation-state. For decades, the state has been the major actor on the global stage.

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Julian Junk

Changing Patterns of Governance: The European Model

One of the major challenges to but also opportunities for traditional statehood 'from above' is the attempt to bargain for supranational models such as the European Union.

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Dr. Stefan Engert

Policy Issues: Coping with Global Risks and Uncertainties

This module provides you with a background on the development of security and risk, analyzing the often contested terminologies and policies that are used within this area.

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