IRO In-House Classes Come to a Close

Farewell Dinner
Students attended a farewell dinner on Thursday night at the end of the in-house classes week. Image: Private

The first week of International Relations Online (IRO) in-house classes for 2016 has ended on a highly productive note

News from Feb 26, 2016

Today was the final day of the first week of in-house classes for 2016. Finishing up their classes, students from International Relations Online (IRO) at the Center for Global Politics (CGP) completed their remaining lecture and discussion topics. Those in the 10th run of Master of Arts International Relations Online learnt about the rising power of global cities with Dr. Noah Toly, while the 9th run discussed whether ‘Eastern Europe’ was a dissolving concept with Dr. Georgiy Kasianov.

Like similar weeks in the past, this one was a resounding success. Students not only were able to learn much about their chosen field of studies from the CGP’s expert instructors, but also were able to connect with their peers. Making use of the large number of activities and social events over the course of the week of in-house classes, the students were able to get to know each other and trade skills from their diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

To help strengthen these bonds, the M.A. International Relations Online students along with those from other masters programs, took part in a farewell dinner on Thursday night. Hosted at a restaurant specializing in Berlin’s very own regional cuisine, the event served to cement friendships between the students. Following the conclusion of the in-house classes, the students will go back to completing their blended learning programs online. The next week of International Relations Online in-house classes will be held later in the year in October.

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