Gain an Understanding of Global Risks

Recent protests in Venuzuela are one example of security risk. Image: Carlos Díaz

An International Relations Online (IRO) module on ‘Global Risks and Uncertainties’ will begin next month

News from Jun 02, 2016

The Russian Air Force has pulled out from Syria, but the civil war looks far from over. Venezuela faces riots and violent crackdowns as its economy collapses. An unprecedented arms race driven by China continues across East Asia...

But what do these three things have in common? They are examples of global security risks.

Our world is filled with a multitude of threats. Some are on a small and insignificant scale, while others are so severe that they concern even the most powerful of countries. Indeed these global threats shape the way countries conduct their foreign policy, and as such, are integral to understanding the interconnected world of global politics and international relations.

Next month will see the beginning of a new module of International Relations Online (IRO) at the Center for Global Politics which seeks to teach these connections. Called ‘Changing Patterns of Governance: Coping With Global Risks and Uncertainties’, the module provides students with a background on the development of security and risk, analyzing the often contested terminologies and policies that are used within this area. Furthermore the module also seeks to analyze different security mechanisms and their success or failure in different conflicts worldwide, as well as strategies for discussing the controversial topics related to these conflicts.

The module itself is taught by Stefan Engert, an associate professor at the University of Konstanz.

‘Changing Patterns of Governance: Coping With Global Risks and Uncertainties’ will begin for M.A. International Relations Online students on the 25th of July 2016 and will run to the 16th of October.

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