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Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

  • For the two-year full-time study option, tuition fees amount to 16,500€ plus administrative charges of about 250€.
  • Tuition fees can be paid by installments. Please check in with the International Relations Online team, we are happy to develop your individual installment plan.

Tuition fees include:

  • Provision of teaching and learning materials for all modules
  • Access to the online-learning platform
  • Personalized tutoring and supervision throughout your studies
  • On-site teaching during in-house classes and additional program

Tuition fees do not include:

  • Additional costs arising from in-house classes, e.g. travel and accommodation expenses
  • Room and board for extended periods of study, where applicable
  • Banking fees, if applicable

There are numerous options to find a scholarship and financial aid of various institutions and foundations for our master program. Please click here for more information.

In 12 of the 16 German “Bundesländer” legislation allows employees to attend continuing education courses (Bildungsurlaub) for several working days per year with no loss in earnings. Click here for further information.
Tuition fees are also tax-deductible as professional training expenses in Germany.

For advice on external funding, please contact our student advisor Sabine Pag at sabine.pag@fu-berlin.de.


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