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Alumni Projects

Our students come from all parts of the world, from any social and any religous background. There is no environment in which you could learn more effectively about international relations! Here you can find out about recent projects from our former students.

Master Peace - Wieke Meilink (Cairo, Egypt)

"I work for the project MasterPeace – an innovative grass-roots initiative with its major goal to involve people around the world to get active in peace-building. Right now MasterPeace is active in 30 countries and offers different programs.

Our actions range from international events to educational programs."

APOPO - Tesfazghi Tewelde (Maputo, Mozambique)

"I am active in the project APOPO, a social enterprise that researches, develops and disseminates detection rat technology for humanitarian purposes.

Our current focus is Tuberculosis detection in developing countries and landmine clearance in post-conflict areas."