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MasterPeace – creating peace together

By Wieke Meilink

MasterPeace is an innovative grass-roots initiative with its major goal to involve people around the world to get active in peace-building. At this moment MasterPeace is active in 30 countries around the world, and it is offering different programs which all focus on directing more positive attention to peace projects, and encourage international co-operation and unity so opportunities are shared equally.

One of our pillars is to make the International Day of Peace on the 21st of September more known. Therefore we develop innovative campaigning; we organize community- and university projects, documentaries and events, including a mesmerizing concert at the Egyptian pyramids in 2014, where artists from all major conflict areas will perform together. This concert will be an exclusive reward for everyone who supported actively in peace-building.
A short mini-documentary that was made after this concert you can view here:

At this moment our education program (called PeaceMasters) is only executed in high schools and Bachelor universities, but we are working on opportunties to provide programs for Master students. Our program is adaptable to the wishes of the university or school, for example we have worked with workshops, a four-week project program, or a course of a couple of days.

Our programs are taught using innovative techniques like our IR Online progam at the FU. We have a digital learning environment, with videos, lessons from guest speakers, and tips from professionals. Every program contains inspiration, case-studies and exchange of knowledge and ideas. Themes in these programs relate to for example peace-building, conflict management and social responsibility, in consultation with the partner university. More information about the education program can be found on our website.