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REN21 – rapid global transition to renewable energy

By Martin Hullin

Bonjour from Paris!

After rather colorful professional positions that range from founding an IT Startup to being a consultant at a Berlin-based innovation consultancy agency, my passion for international affairs has led me to lovely Paris where I have been working at the REN21 Secretariat since 2012.

The REN21 – the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century – is the global renewable energy policy multi-stakeholder network that connects a wide range of key actors from:

  • governments
  • international organisations
  • industry associations
  • science and academia
  • civil society as well as
  • members at large

to facilitate knowledge exchange, policy development and joint action towards a rapid global transition to renewable energy. We promote renewable energy to meet the needs of both industrialized and developing countries that are driven by climate change, energy security, development and poverty alleviation.

Our Secretariat is hosted by the United Nations Environment Program in central Paris and is coordinating the flagship products of the REN21 Network and its members such as the Renewables Global Status Report, the Renewables Interactive Map and Renewables Global Futures Report. Last but not least we are regular co-organizers of the bi-annual IREC conferences in close collaboration with the respective host country as a platform for governments, private sector and civil society leaders to jointly address the goal of advancing renewable energy.

The next conference, the ADIREC 2013 in Abu Dhabi will take place in January 2013 and is going to attract dozens of relevant decision makers, scientific experts and many more interested in pushing the transition towards renewable energy forward.

For more information visit www.ren21.net