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Program and Teaching Methods

How It's Done -
Studying International Relations Online

International Relations Online is a Master of Arts degree offering the following features:

  • The program encompasses 120 ECTS credits.
  • International Relations Online is accessible from anywhere around the world via a digital learning hub.
  • You profit from a combination of online interaction (90%) and face-to-face instruction (10%) in the International Relations Online blended learning format.
  • You have the choice between two focus areas: Global Politics or Area Studies.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • Throughout your studies you receive frequent individual feedback and guidance from your instructors.

Find out more about the benefits of International Relations Online's blended learning concept:

This is e-learning adapted to your needs.

This is e-learning adapted to your needs.

Our digital learning environment provides you with the professional challenges that rest in the focus of your training. In addition, it offers various toolboxes to work on, and finally crack, your challenge.

These are Your Digital Learning Benefits:

  • You get access to the International Relations Online learning hub offering a personal learning and communication environment.
  • You receive personalized instruction and constant feedback by our faculty ensure your learning progress.
  • You engage in e-based self-learning as well as peer-to-peer interaction throughout your studies.
  • You benefit from competence-based and interactive means of instruction.
  • You can access relevant e-resources and research databases via the Freie Universität Berlin digital library resources.
In house classes : These days you finally get to see your professors and  fellow students.

In house classes : These days you finally get to see your professors and fellow students.

Twice a year, you will meet your professors and peers in Berlin for in-house classes face-to-face. Usually these intensive seminar weeks are scheduled in the beginning of October and in the beginning of March. The in-house classes span one week from Monday to Friday.

These are Your In-house Classes Benefits:

  • You meet with your faculty and peers for competency-based training sessions in regular in-house classes
  • You sharpen your communicative competencies in discussions and round-table meetings
  • You learn how to present clear-cut statements in an intercultural context
  • You network with experts working in the realm of economics, politics, and the media
  • You are invited to enjoy the international and truly unique flair of the in-house classes
  • You get access to additional executive workshops we offer in cooperation with our partners (these may be liable to additional fees)

Please note:
You are liable for your travel and accommodation costs incurred during the in-house classes.

Inhouse Class Schedule (Example) Schedule template (example)


Throughout your International Relations Online studies, you will work and learn within a group of dedicated fellow students. In some of your assignments you will work in teams, respond to their statements on the discussion board, and debate issues of global concern.

By the end of the first in-house classes you will already have made friends. These friends will stay with you and support you throughout your time of studies – and afterwards.

Peer-to-peer benefits:

  • You meet your fellow students from a great variety of backgrounds.
  • You profit from each other's experiences and knowledge.
  • You develop intercultural communication and negotiation skills.
  • You become part of an international network that will be helpful for your professional as well as personal future.

International Relations Online is concluded with a master thesis. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to independently work through a research project in the field of global politics or area studies on an advanced academic level. You create a research design, work through the theoretical approach and empirical data, and present the results adequately.

You write the master thesis in English within 12 weeks for the full-time program  It should comprise about 15,000 words. An oral exam is part of the master thesis. You will receive your certificate during a festive graduation ceremony in Berlin.

Keep in touch with your lecturers via online communication.

Keep in touch with your lecturers via online communication.

Throughout your studies, your instructors will guide and advise you. Each module is taught by an academic or expert professional to make sure that you receive feedback on your assignments and help you with roadblocks. The feedback will be given via the IRO gradebook, in Skype sessions, on discussion boards, and in personal communication. You will have the chance to steadily improve your performance and to learn for your academic and professional life.