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"Verunsicherte Gesellschaft - überforderter Staat"

A new anthology on security culture has been published by our professors Julian Junk and Stefan Engert together with Christopher Daase.

News from Apr 18, 2013

Politics on security are not only concerned with military risks, but also tackle economic, environmental, and humanitarian factors. The state as well as society have distinct security needs. This confronts politics with new challenges: On the one hand state institutions must fulfill security expectations by society, on the other hand security decisions are critized in a lot of cases by a crucial part of that society. In the recently published anthology "Verunsicherte Gesellschaft - überforderter Staat. Zum Wandel der Sicherheitskultur",  the authors analyze reactions of state institions in this new and ambivalent context of security in the areas of terrorism, cyber security, energy security, health risks, human rights, and economy.


The anthology is written in German. Learn more about it here.

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