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Obama's Second Term

Our professor William Burke-White with an article on the process of building global leadership in Barack Obama's second term as U.S. president.

News from Jul 25, 2013

The new foreign policy team that is currently being assembled is being watched closely for hints on future directions of U.S. policy, and where the decisions will be made. The preeminence of trade agreements means that the Department of Treasury is likely to become a major player in the foreign policy making process. This process now needs to be complemented with a clear strategy that will chart the course of the three years to come.

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William Burke-White is faculty member of International Relations (IR) Online. He is expert on international law and global governance, served in the Obama Administration from 2009-2011 on Secretary Clinton’s Policy Planning Staff, providing the Secretary direct policy advice on multilateral diplomacy and international institutions. For IR Online he teaches the module Changing Patters of Governance: The Evolution of the State.


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