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Take the opportunity and choose individual modules from our M.A. programs  International Relations Online and East European Studies Online.

News from Aug 16, 2013

The Center for Global Politics again offers you the opportunity to enroll in individual modules from our M.A. programs of excellence "International Relations (IR) Online” and “East European Studies Online” (EES). Stand-alone Modules are a great opportunity to combine work and study. They help you to broaden your horizon on a particular topic, to progress at work and maybe even to change your career path. 

We are now inviting applications for our modules on "Global Migration", the "Cultural Factor in Global Politics", "Transformations in Eastern Europe", and "Arts and Literature in Eastern Europe". The modules begin on October 14th.

The credit points from our Stand-alone Modules will count towards a university degree. Simply choose the ones that suit your professional and educational needs.

More on our Stand-Alone Modules:

Global Migration

This module focuses on the social, political, and economic causes and consequences of migration processes. In our globalizing world, both international migration and internal displacement are on the rise. The module introduces you to theoretical approaches explaining the dynamics of migration movements and the motivation of people to move (or not to move). In addition, the module offers you an opportunity to apply these theories to specific processes of migration in both historical and current settings.

The Cultural Factor in Global Politics

This module focuses on the concepts and consequences of cultural issues in global politics. Moreover it presents you with new studies in cultural cognition and perception of the environment, including different views of the self, the community, and the concept of individual rights. You will immerse in concepts of culture and value systems, enabling you to assess and classify examples, thus gaining working methods and skills relevant to real-life situations.

Transformations in Eastern Europe

The collapse of communism has caused major socio-political transformations in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of this module is to examine the key social aspects of this transition, the emerging fault-lines in the region and the wider international context. The module is divided into three sections. The introductory section examines long-term socio-political traditions in Central and Eastern Europe and the communist legacy as essential precon¬ditions for understanding the socio-structural changes now under way. The second section looks at the main social groups in the post-communist societies and a range of social processes and issues. The final section seeks to analyze these issues within broader debates about generational change and EU integration.

Arts and Literature in Europe

In this course you will examine the role of literature and the arts in Soviet and post-Soviet societies in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Primary materials include works of fiction, poetry, visual art, theater, and cinema. You will read literature and study culture in its historical and political context. You will learn to understand the evolution of culture in the region from the Soviet period to today as well as the effects of Soviet cultural imperialism in a comparative context. Furthermore, you will analyze the effects of censorship on different forms of art.

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