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The Joy of Simulating Global Politics

New testimonial video from our friends at Planpolitik with some M.A. International Relations Online (IRO) faces in there.

News from Apr 25, 2014

We at International Relations Online believe that education is much more than providing textbooks and an instructor explaining how the world works. That´s why we have been working together with our friends from Planpolitik for so many years. They have been showing our students via interactive and innovative simulation games what it feels like to walk in the shoes of diplomats and peace brokers. The feedback from our students has always been very positive. Our experience with Planpolitik shows that interactive learning is not only fun but very useful to understand how political negotiations and decision-making processes actually work – be it on climate policy, the world economic crisis or security challenges.

Planpolitik is currently working on a short testimonial video for their online platform. Here's an even shorter teaser with some IR Online students. Click here to watch the video and enjoy!

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