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Reunification in Palestine and the Mideast peace process

Global Matters: CGP-experts comment on the consequences of the Fatah-Hamas unity pact.

News from Apr 29, 2014

The Mideast is in turmoil. Fatah and Hamas have just overcome a seven year rift and agreed to implement a unity pact. With a new Fatah-Hamas unity government, “Obama will face the worst international developments the US has ever seen”, CGP-expert Alexei Voskressenski believes. His colleague Dibyesh Anand says that peace is a most abused word when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “The primary focus for Israel has been to change the situation on the ground de facto, especially through its wall and massive settlement buildings in West Bank and the marginalisation of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.” Follow the debate on what is happening in Palestine and Israel on Global Matters. Bits and thoughts on World Politics.

Photo: Rusty Stewart/Flickr/Creative Commons

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