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Simulating Global Politics, searching for creative solutions

New video presents two innovative learning methods of our M.A. International Relations Online

News from Aug 26, 2014

We at the Center for Global Politics believe that we are rapidly moving towards a competency-based era. Because the world increasingly does not care what you know. Everything is on Google. The world only takes an interest in – and will only pay for - what you can do with what you know. Employers do not just look at your degree any more. They ask: how can you help me?

The M.A. International Relations (IR) Online has a long tradition of experimenting with innovative teaching formats in order to convey professional skills. This new video introduces you to two of them: a Design Thinking Workshop, which had been organized by our partners from SAP, and a simulation game on a climate change summit, which has been organized by our partners from Planpolitik in March 2014. In the latter, the students acted as representatives of nation-states and experienced first-hand how difficult it is to agree on binding measures to combat climate change. Whereas the simulation game was largely defined by methods of horsetrading, bullying and forming coalitions, the participants of the Design Thinking Workshop learned to "think outside the box" and formulated strategies to break negotiation deadlocks on this important global issue.

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