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"Networking is a lifelong process"

New M.A. International Relations Online students get to know each other during in-house class

News from Sep 29, 2014

Among them are American soldiers, German and Syrian journalists, members of a UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, Latin American career diplomats and many more. Today, 36 new students of our M.A. program International Relations Online (9th run) started a week-long in-house class at the Center for Global Politics. “I am surprised in a good way. Our group is very diversified, from all ages and all different backgrounds”, Eric Cloutier says. The 31 year old has been working as a pharmacist for the past eight year. He chose to study International Relations Online in order to change his career track.

Eric and his classmates were joined by more than 30 students from the 8th run of M.A. International Relations Online. A week full of networking, intercultural experiences and intensive learning lies ahead of them.

“Networking is both a key asset of our program and an essential survival tool for your studies”, CGP director Klaus Segbers said. “We view networking as a lifelong process, beginning with your first in-house classes and continuing through your online learning and beyond into the big wide world and your future career.”

The next days will be packed with seminars, workshops and an exciting supporting program which includes a Tea Ceremony at the Tadshikische Teestube in Berlin-Mitte and the Graduation Ceremony for the 8th run of International Relations Online on Friday.

Photo: The students of the 8th run of IR Online

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