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How to Respond to the Comeback of Violence?

Never since about half a century back, the world was in such a disarray as now. Join the debate at Global Matters

News from Oct 13, 2014

There is a whole range of failed, or failing, states in the MENA area: Afghanistan, Pakistan (nuclearized), Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine. Sectarian violence is on the rise, and a strange caliphate shows the world how easy it can be impressed by a few beheadings. "How are we prepared for this? Is looking the other way a solution?" That´s the current question on our blog Global Matters.

Four of our experts have commented so far.

Alexei Voskressenski says that on of the main reasons for violence is the lack of global governance and the weakening of the world order. Hildegard Müller argues that the EU`s practice of observing and commenting will not be enough. "Inaction is the opposite of deterrence." Shen Dingli, on the other hand, argues that Western powers could learn a lot from East Asia. The two Koreas, China and Japan have made some recent moves towards detente, he believes, and describes Western policies towards Ukraine and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 as the exact opposite. "Hence the solution", Dingli continues: "Respecting rivals, being patient to diversified views, offering political compromise to all stakeholders and attaining acceptable reconciliation. Give this a try before resorting to violence.

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