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Students simulate climate change negotiations

Students head to the negotiation table

News from Feb 25, 2015

Students from the 9th run of our master program International Relations Online are simulating climate change negotiations today, led by our friends at planpolitik.

Leading up to the in-house classes, our students have been using our online learning platform to prepare for negotiations. Each student is the delegate of a country - in most cases one they have little or no previous relationship to. They must prepare for the negotiations from the point of view of this country so they are able to fully represent them at the negotiation table.

During this online learning module they have been co-authoring articles to be negotiated during the negotiations, as well as developing their persuasion skills, ready to be tested during the simulation.

But should they aim for 30% carbon emission reductions by 2040, or 40% by 2030, or 28%...? The negotiations will decide.

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