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Klaus Segbers writes op-ed on free expression for Financial Times China

Klaus Segbers was quoted in two international publications this week.

News from Mar 09, 2015

CGP Director Klaus Segbers has written an op-ed for The Financial Times in China.

Titled 'Russia: Left out in the cold' and available in Mandarin, Professor Segbers discusses the limits on free expression and press in Russia, China and elsewhere.

"There are two main types of media constraints: politically generated censorship, and market-related limits. The latter ones are more dominant in Western-type democracies, the first type of limiting free expression is particularly dominant in China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser extent in places like Turkey and other semi-autocratic systems. It may be called ‘sovereign democracy’ or serving a ‘harmonious society’, but the effect is the same,” he writes.

Professor Segbers was also interviewed in the Kyiv Post last week, about Vladimir Putin, with whom he says the West has no common ground.

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