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Countdown for Conflict Management

Patricia Maulden

Patricia Maulden

Conflict Management Module launched in 10 days – last chance to join!

News from Mar 30, 2015

Whether you dream of working in a national administration or an international organization, entering the political system or simply strengthening the civil society, the ability to deal with conflicts on a cultural, political and social level in a professional and concise manner is indispensable. In the age of globalization, communication is becoming ever more complex – never before was there the need to coordinate, cooperate and coalesce in such broad dimensions and on so many levels.

The Center for Global Politics team understands that the importance of such qualifications must have an outreach beyond the students of International Relations. Effective problem solving is a must for a larger audience. This is why we decided to open the module Policy Issues: Conflict Management and Reconciliation for participants from other areas or institutions. The module offers both a theoretical approach, dealing with conflict dynamics and resolution approaches, and a practical side, helping students to develop their negotiation and mediation skills. The methods come from many areas: human rights, regional studies, gender relations, policy analysis, war and conflict, peace strategies and conflict management systems. So if you are interested in this module, why don’t you study it as a Stand-Alone module?

Leading the charge in conflict management and reconciliation at the Center for Global Politics is Patricia Maulden, PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. Maulden is Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution and Director of the Dialogue and Difference Project with The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason. Her research focuses on child soldiers and the roles of girls and women in conflict, the dynamics of NGOs as private peacebuilding contractors, youth-gangs and gang-related community peace-making programs, intergenerational and interethnic dialogues and community-based peace education in Sierra Leone and Burundi. Maulden’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of conflict management and resolution make her a fundamental part of our International Relations program.

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