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UN-EU Documentation Centre

International Relations students take advantage of university’s UN-EU Documentation Centre

News from Aug 10, 2015

The Free University of Berlin is known for being very internationally oriented. Cooperation programs, graduate schools and a wide variety of research opportunities make up the university’s profile as a worldwide reference in scientific education. The legendary Otto-Suhr-Institut, the biggest political science institute in Germany, acts as a melting pot for international and exchange students, faculty and visiting professors, and last but not least researchers and academics in the field of political sciences from all over the world.

Since 1956, students in the field of international politics in the Free University of Berlin have had privileged access to one of the United Nations Depository Libraries, where important documents and collections of literature by the United Nations and other specialized international agencies are thoroughly organized and updated in order to optimize research in the field. Those focusing their studies in the region of Europe also have a European Documentation Centre (EDC) at their disposal located at the Free University of Berlin, which was created in 1963 by the European Commission in order to gather information on the European countries and the European Union, creating a solid basis for country or region-specific studies. Together, the UN-EU Documentation Centre creates an important asset to the university’s area of Political Science, being particularly relevant for students of International Relations and related subjects.

Online students living abroad are not excluded from these benefits: every student enrolled at our Internal Relations Master’s program is granted access to the university’s online database Primo. This is a rich academic research tool which ranges worldwide that can easily be accessed remotely. Since most documents are digitalized, students located all around the world can enjoy the benefits of the Free University’s directory or even request digitalization, in case a document is not available online. Active professionals that desire to widen their academic experiences do not have to choose between working and studying anymore: if you can’t go to the university, the university comes to you!

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