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Changing Patterns of Governance: The Evolution of the State Stand-Alone Module

Changing Patterns of Governance

Changing Patterns of Governance

Register for our Stand-Alone Module dealing with the Evolution of the State and delve into topical and exciting issues such as sovereignty and intervention, human rights law and dispute settlement!

News from Aug 21, 2015

Are you interested in International Relations and International Law? Do you want to explore the international legal system, how it functions and how it is connected to international politics and diplomacy? As a student of International Relations, one does not have to be an expert on all aspects of international law, but even a basic understanding of its main tools and how they are used by diplomats and political scientists alike could be of paramount importance for a career on the global stage. After all, international law is all around us - from sending a postcard or booking a flight internationally, doing a research on the 2011 military intervention in Libya to following the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations.

Did we manage to capture your attention?

Starting in October 5, the Center for Global Politics offers the opportunity to deal intensively with the topical questions such as sovereignty and changing pattern of statehood, intervention in the internal affairs and human rights law guided by the CGP instructor Andreas von Staden. Yale and Princeton graduate, obtained his doctor degree at Princeton, Andreas’ main research topic is the embeddedness and role of international law in international relations. With our blended learning program you can complete our Stand-Alone Module on the topic of Evolution of the State within twelve weeks using only your computer. The blended learning approach will allow you to study independently while at the same time having a permanent online connection to your instructor and your peers a few clicks away.

Join us, share your knowledge and experience and benefit from the insights of your fellow students around the globe!

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