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Global Flows: Capital and Finance Stand-Alone Module

Money plays a complex and important role in global politics. Image: epsos.de

Money plays a complex and important role in global politics. Image: epsos.de

Wade into the murky world of economics and understand how it connects to the international political system with our ‘Global Flows: Capital and Finance’ stand-alone module.

News from Sep 18, 2015

One of the fundamental questions of that can asked with respect to international politics is if economics is beholden to political designs, or indeed, if politics is beholden to economic forces. As with many questions of these kinds however, the answer is complex and subject to a vast number of variables. Nonetheless, it is by no means an exaggeration to say that economic factors are present in every single level of political decision making.

As money moves across borders faster than people or ideologies, an in-depth study into this interplay between economics and politics is essential to understanding the global political system. This so-called ‘International Political Economy’ which influences countries and their leaders is a highly worthwhile field of study. Through an analysis of both the major economic players, as well as the trends currently shaping their development, a learner can glean new and unique insights into the future development of the world and its political conflicts and opportunities.

With the Center for Global Politics stand-alone module ‘Global Flows: Capital and Finance’, students will be able to gather a new and critical understanding of these issues. Analyzing both the International Political Economy and the relationship between the nation-state and market forces, this course provides knowledge on one of the key foundations of international relations. Guided by our expert IR Online faculty, students will be empowered to learn and discuss these important concepts and be left well-equipped for further study in the field.

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