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Project Management Skills For The Globalized World

Students from diverse backgrounds worked together on the Project Management module. Image: Private.

Students from diverse backgrounds worked together on the Project Management module. Image: Private.

CGP’s in-house classes are finishing up, but not before students have taken part in a globally-relevant course on Project Management.

News from Oct 02, 2015

A group of International Relations Online (IRO) master’s students have taken part in yet another scintillating module as part of our week of in-house classes. Yesterday, students currently enrolled in this unique Center for Global Politics (CGP) program worked through our module on Project Management. This module, headed by Christina Sieber, teaches students how best to plan business and political projects, implementing in-depth analysis and best-practices in order to achieve success.

With the International Relations Online students coming from a diverse group of nations and cultural backgrounds, the lessons from this course are sure to be useful in their future endeavors. Among the main takeaways from this program was a study of intercultural communication and management differences and how this can be understood and then put to use to ensure project success in a globalized workplace.

CGP’s in-house classes give our diverse online students a unique opportunity to meet together and learn face-to-face on our campus at Freie Universität Berlin. Such classes allow students the benefits of on-campus learning, including student/teacher engagement, and connection building, before allowing students to return to their more accessible online International Relations studies.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, with this evening’s graduation ceremony marking the last day of our in-house class period. Regardless, this was a highly successful period for M.A. International Relations Online students, and they leave armed which a whole new set of knowledge to put to use into the future.

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