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New module on the politics of energy set to begin

Energy sources play a major role in global politics. Image: Wikipedia Commons.

Energy sources play a major role in global politics. Image: Wikipedia Commons.

A new International Relations Online (IRO) module called ‘Energy’ will start in early April.

News from Mar 30, 2016

International Relations Online (IRO) is preparing for the beginning of a new elective module due to start in April 2016. As part of the Center for Global Politics International Relations Online blended learning master program, which combines online courses with innovative in-house classes, this new module aims to focus on major challenges of energy security on a global scale.

Called “Energy”, this module investigates energy and its political dimensions, including its role in the politics of security and challenges it causes on global, regional and national levels. The class will take an in-depth look at the complexities of “the energy business” and its interdependencies with numerous issues such as energy security and the role of the major oil- and gas- exporting economies. Focusing on modern day developments in the energy sector, the class will take a closer look from the angles of politics and economics, while also considering the legal and the environmental issues associated. As a case study, the relations between the EU and Russia in energy politics and dialogue will be examined as a prime example of this most crucial source for global development.

Dr. Dmitri Mitin, currently appointed with the School of International and Public Affairs at North Carolina State University, will be the instructor for this class. His research interests include post-Soviet political evolution, inter-governmental conflict and institutional development. He holds a PhD from Purdue University.

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