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Did you know that IR Online is as international as its subject of study?

International Relations Online (IRO) students benefit greatly from international peers and perspectives over the course of their study.

News from Apr 27, 2016

As the master program International Relations Online (IRO) takes a closer look on current global matters like climate change, migration or energy politics on the level of global governance, different perspectives are important. Not only do the in-house classes take place in Berlin, one of Europe’s most multicultural, diverse and cultural rich capitals, the participating students themselves also come together from all over the world. Around 60 master students from six different continents come together to discuss international politics during the two-year International Relations Online master program at the Center for Global Politics.

Needless to say: Different cultural, educational and professional backgrounds guarantee interesting class discussions and offer the unique opportunity to get to know different perspectives on current topics of international relations. Outside of Europe, our graduates come from the United States, Canada and various countries in South America, but also South East Asia, offering an astoundingly opportunity for cross-cultural communication.

After graduating you will continue to profit from the international Alumni Network, to keep in touch with your fellow students, create a professional network and see where your career paths are taking you.

Find out more about applying for M.A. International Relations Online here: http://www.cfa.ir-online.org/ 

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