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Week of In-House Classes are starting soon

International Relations Online students gather next week in Berlin to attend interesting courses and network with their peers. 

News from Oct 07, 2016

The Center for Global Politics is preparing for another week of thought-provoking and enjoyable in-house classes. From October 10 – 14 over 100 students from 4 runs will get together, learn together and share academic and professional experience. The classes for the 10th and 11th will run of the International Relations Online (IRO) program and will be conducted as usual in one of the most interesting venues at Freie Universität Berlin, the Henry Ford Building.

In addition to a wide range of modules focusing on their field of studies, students will have the chance to take part in interactive simulation games organized by Planpolitik, attend a conference on career opportunities in Asia and an expert talk on Ukraine. Further, a visit to the exhibition Milestones – Setbacks – Sidetracks. The Path to Parliamentary Democracy in Germanyat Deutscher Dom will be a part of the sightseeing program for old and new CGP students. 

The two weeks of intensive in-house classes per year are an essential part of CGP master programs and the blended-learning approach. Students can not only benefit from meeting their instructors in person and discussing academic issues but also bond with their peers and make friends with different and interesting social, cultural, academic and professional backgrounds. 

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