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Instructor Chris Raiser publishes dissertation

M.A. International Relations Online's European Politics instructor has published his dissertation on decision-making processes in the European Parliament.

News from May 16, 2014

The dissertation, in German, is called: 'Compromise in the European Parliament : a cultural sociological approach to decision-making processes in a supranational institution'.

Click here to read the full dissertation (in German). Here is the short description:

The European Parliament is the most powerful parliamentary assembly on the supranational level. However, the question of how and why decisions are being taken in this parliament has been insufficiently addressed so far. This is the main aim of this book, which draws on sociological theories for explaining social action and thus opens up a new approach to the analysis of parliamentary action. It argues that it is necessary to take into account how actors interpret political problems and how they relate to their counterparts in negotiations. In three case studies on decision-making processes in the 6th European Parliament between 2004 and 2009 - Services Directive, REACH and the TDIP (CIA-)committee – the study reconstructs the social mechanism behind compromise in the EP. Culture as the way actors attach meaning to the world is the key to understanding political decisions on the supranational level.

We congratulate Chris on this wonderful accomplishment.


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