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Klaus Segbers in South China Morning Post

Klaus Segbers

Klaus Segbers

Op-ed on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: America should join in

News from Apr 23, 2015

Titled: Western members of Asian infrastructure bank can help keep China honest, Center of Global Politics Director Professor Segbers suggests western countries, especially USA should lead in joining Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

“I do not think it deserves to be viewed only as global competition”, Professor Segbers argues, the crucial issue of the establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is how these organizations are regulated and run. He thinks as long as transparent and compliance principles are guiding the work of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, “there is not much to be worried about”.

In this article, Professor Segbers suggests that Washington should have taken the lead in joining the new organization rather than attempts to caution its Western allies against joining the investment bank. “Western countries' participation in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank actually increases the pressure on China to live up to global rules of behavior”, which he thinks is in the interest of western countries.

There are also others reason why America should take a more mild stance on this issue. Since the famous Asia pivot of the Obama administration was promoted some years ago, America needs more policy shifts to make it more credible. Professor Segbers argues that USA should take this opportunity to reconsider and revaluate its Asian policy, and more or less embed China in. In this article, he gave several policy advice for America as follows: firstly, the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership between 12 countries should be reconsidered in terms of taking China in, at least at a later stage. Secondly, the US should consider joining the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. And finally, the US should look at its security commitments to some of the relevant countries (such as Japan, South Korea and the Philippines) and define how those can be kept.

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