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New Year, New Inspiration — First Day of First Week of 2017 In-House Classes

Starting today, February 20, the Center for Global Politics brings together online students and teachers for the next round of in-house classes.

News from Feb 20, 2017

This week, the latest round of in-house classes has started with master’s students from International Relations Online (IRO) and East European Studies (EES) meeting at CGP’s home campus at Freie Universität Berlin. Against the backdrop of an increasingly challenging international environment, this week’s classes cover a wide array of topics allowing students to reflect on current developments worldwide.

Through a week of intensive lectures and learning modules, from February 20 to February 2014, 2017, IRO and EES students have the opportunity to deepen their blended-learning experience by meeting face-to-face with their peers and instructors. Besides providing important input and room for discussion, the in-house classes give students the chance to get to know each other in a number of activities and social events outside class.

After a first exciting day of open exchange and debate, the students will meet again tomorrow at Freie Universität Berlin before venturing into Berlin’s historic city center in the afternoon.

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