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All Good Things Come to an End: Final Day of In-House Classes

Our blended-learning master’s students have spent one exciting week of in-house classes at CGP’s home campus in Berlin. On their final day, February 24, we take a look back at what they’ve accomplished.


News from Feb 24, 2017

Five days filled with meeting old and new faces, heated discussions and easy-going evenings out in Berlin — the International Relations Online (IRO) and East European Studies (EES) master’s students take many great memories with them on their journey back home. But it wouldn’t be our idea of how to end a successful week of in-house classes, if we weren’t to kick-off our final day with two more sessions for each run of the blended-learning master’s programs. Today, the 11th and 12th run of our EES students deepen their understandings of economics and law. Meanwhile, for the 10th and 11th run of IRO students it is all about the working of capital and finance as well as the politics of energy in a global context. However, concluding the first week of in-house classes, in the afternoon the time to say goodbye has come.

We would like to thank all of our students, instructors and guests for joining us here in Berlin. It has been a real pleasure to welcome all participants of our programs back at CGP’s home campus at Freie Universität Berlin and we are already excited for our second week of in-house classes in October 2017.

We wish you safe travels and hope that you are leaving Berlin carrying a suitcase full of new experiences with you!

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