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The Benefits of Blended-Learning: Preparatory Course for IRO Master's Students

In October 2017, we welcome the 12th run of International Relations Online (IRO) students to the Center for Global Politics. In order to prepare them for two exciting years ahead, we provide them with a preparatory course on everything they need to know before coming to class for the first time.

News from Jul 26, 2017

At the Center for Global Politics, we always search for different ways to use new learning methods for our students to enjoy a state-of-the-art learning experience with maximum flexibility — even before they come to our home campus at Freie Universität Berlin for their first week of in-house classes for the first time. This year in October, the 12th run of IRO master’s students is joining us in our blended-learning endeavor. Over the course of two years, they will benefit from a combination of online lessons (90%) and face-to-face teaching (10%). This allows our students to earn a qualified master’s degree from one of Europe’s leading universities, while staying on the job.  

For our students, we design an interactive learning experience to help them achieve their best results. For this reason, we offer a preparatory course which guides them through the first steps towards our IRO master’s program. Using MindTap, they benefit from a customized personal learning experience. This includes a variety of learning tools, such as readings, videos, homework, quizzes and other activities. In this way, the preparatory course provides both an introduction to International Relations and digital learning.

We wish all of our students a great start and are looking forward to finally meet them face to face in October 2017!

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