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Praise for International Relations Online

Our students say the kindest things about our program. Preliminary survey results show success of M.A. International Relations Online.

News from Mar 26, 2014

Good news: in the ongoing survey of our alumni, 93% have said they would recommend International Relations Online (IRO) to a friend. 92% have said the content of the program satisfied their career goals. Others commented on our program on Facebook and described it as a "great program", an "awesome blended learning course", and an "amazing opportunity". And our alumni Dinh Trung Hieu from Vietnam says: "I had a chance to study a course on International Relations from the Free University of Berlin and experienced not only a stellar academic quality but also incredible hospitality and nicety from their staff.” The Wordle image visualizes the lovely comments alumni have made about International Relations Online. The bigger the word, the more it's been said.

75 / 100