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Call for Apllications - CGP M.A. Programs

Become Part of our Global Professional Network: Apply Now for International Relations Online!

News from Apr 26, 2012

M.A. Programs

International Relations Online

East European Studies Online


Are you looking for access to a global professional network? Are you pursuing career opportunities around the world? Do you seek to develop conceptual orientation for complex global issues while being closely mentored throughout your studies both online and offline?

This is your opportunity to become part of our global academic and mentoring network - we welcome your application! The programs start in October 2012.



  • Stay on the job while working toward your degree in International Relations or East European Studies
  • Complete your studies with close guidance from our dedicated scholars, professional alumni mentors, and program teams
  • Profit from a flexible web-based learning environment (study 90% in a digital learning environment)
  • Enjoy 100% English-language coursework in an excellent research environment at Freie Universität Berlin


Our alumni mentors are happy to give detailed advice about the programs, balancing professional, family and student life, and entering the global job market.


Please contact our student advisor Ms. Sabine Pag at: sabine.pag@fu-berlin.de or
contact our alumni advisor Ms. Katrin Risch at: katrin.risch@fu-berlin.de .


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