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China's Road towards Democratic Governance

Professor Yu Keping, the distinguished Chinese scholar, discussed with GSGP students at FUB.

News from Oct 29, 2012


On Friday, October 26, 2012, the CGP hosted a talk organized by the Graduate School of Global Politics. The talk featured the distinguished Prof. Yu Keping, Director of the China Center for Global Governance and Development and Director of the Institute for Political Development at Tsinghua University. Prof. Yu discussed the topic “China’s Journey toward Democratic Governance.” He outlines several fields of political activity, in which democratic structures are taking root in China. Examples include direct elections of township heads, the establishment of public hearings, stop-shop administrative service, and the growing role of civil society organizations in China. On the top party level, Prof. Yu also observed changes arguing that the Communist Party became increasingly service-oriented, and slowly changed from a monistic to a pluralist governance structure.


He maintained that decentralization and the rule of law also played a growing role in Chinese politics. This rather incremental process remains lacking in several areas, however. There are still shortcomings in the democratic legitimacy of institutions as well as in the checks and balances of government. In particular, mechanisms to control state bureaucracy and slash corruption are still nascent. Future reforms should include the determinate push towards the rule of law and feature determination to mitigate social and political disparities. About 20 PhD-students of the GSGP were present and actively engaged in the subsequent open discussion.



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