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3. What are teaching methods, modules & Inhouse Classes

3.1 How can I access my study material?

Participants of the program receive a password that enables them to access the online learning management system Blackboard, providing easy access to our virtual library and web-based data, including relevant course material and multimedia files.

3.2 What technical requirements does my computer have to meet?

Our learning management system works best with an updated operating system and browser (this means that updates are regularly offered by the software provider and installed by the user). We recommend a currently supported version of the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) and the browser Mozilla Firefox. Other (up-to-date and supported) operating systems such as Mac OS (Apple) and Linux, and alternative browsers such as Windows Explorer and Opera, should also meet these standards. In case of doubt, please contact our webmaster (stefan.hohenberger@fu-berlin.de).

3.3 I work full-time and would find it difficult to take part in all in-house classes. Is it possible to skip one of the on-site instruction periods?

Participation in all in-house classes is mandatory to obtain the master degree. We are fully aware of the fact that professional life and in-house classes might not always be easy to combine. In order to facilitate time-management, the scheduled dates of the in-house classes are communicated in advance. If there are any problems concerning dates and compatibility with your work situation, please contact us for individual advice.