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4. Information about costs & fees

4.1 What are the total costs for tuition, in-house classes, living expenses, and other costs?

Total fees for the two years of studies amount to 16.736 Euro, which represent 8.250 Euro annual tuition plus an administrative charge of 118 Euro per year of studies.

Additionally, students have to cover costs arising for and during in-house classes, such as travel expenses, visa, room, and board. Other expenditures (living costs, insurance etc.) depend on your personal needs.

4.2 Can I get financial support for my studies?

Unfortunately, the master program International Relations Online is currently unable to provide scholarships or tuition fee discounts on a regular basis. We therefore recommend that our students contact national foundations, ministries, regional and local authorities, international and national organizations, and similar institutions in order to find out about other forms of financial help.

In some countries candidates may obtain scholarships from their (ex)universities or from organizations such as, for example: the Soros Foundation (for students from Central and Eastern Europe), the German Academic Exchange Service (for German and international students), D.E.S (for British students), www.grants.at (for Austrian students), Rotary International Foundation, etc. You may also check the European Funding Guide for further options.

There are also some German foundations which offer scholarships to foreign students to cover the partial costs of tuition, depending on the nationality of the applicant and other considerations. Please note that the competition for these scholarships is very strong.

Some students also decide to apply for a student loan in their country. If you have been living in Germany for more than six years, you might also be entitled to apply for a student loan from the German government.

If you want to apply for a scholarships or loans, we recommend checking deadlines and application procedures carefully and contacting the respective organizations directly. We are happy to support your application for financial support with information on the program.

Please contact us for any further information on that matter.