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Goals and Objectives

International Relations Online provides you with the ideal opportunity to gain insight into global politics and regional studies, to enhance your global career perspective, and to become part of an exciting network of international relations  experts while staying on the job. We educate you for success in challenging positions in government, international organizations, NGOs, consulting, academia, and the media.

International Relations Online offers a holistic educational approach: expertise in relevant knowledge fields, management of your e-competencies, and honing of your soft and intercultural skills.

This is the skill set you will take away:

Knowledge Skills

International Relations Online aims to convey a thorough understanding of current issues and interdependencies within global politics and area studies. You will learn how to comprehend, critically analyze, and evaluate trends in international politics, economics, culture, communication, and law. We strongly believe in a learning-by-doing approach. We focus on combining theory and practice throughout your studies in order to enhance and test decision-making and policy implementation skills. Finally, we provide profound training in proper research design and methodology for your field of research and expertise.


All study materials are available on our digital learning hub – you can also access them on your smart phone and tablet to ensure full flexibility. The gradebook allows you to individually monitor your study progress. It also creates a constant feedback loop between you, your professors and lecturers. You will work interactively, engaging with your peers online to discuss policy memos, prepare negotiations, and design policy solutions in teams. Get into the role of a policy advisor and engage with the task ahead of you!

Soft Skills

International Relations Online is an applied study program. To meet the requirements of today’s job market, it is necessary to hone your professional skills. You improve your time management and project management skills during your studies. You will develop leadership skills in multinational teams via our interactive assignment structures. You will refine your negotiation and presentation skills with in simulation games during our in-house classes. All of these skills are necessary for your personal and career development, including future interaction with stakeholders and professional policy design.

Intercultural Skills

On your first day of studies, you will join an intercultural peer-network beyond International Relations Online. Your peers will join you from around the world with different professional backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. You will work together in multinational teams during your assignments with many opportunities to share and exchange perspectives. You will become part of our larger Center for Global Politics alumni network after completing your International Relations Online studies, joining 1.000 professionals from around the world.


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