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Ashley Fitzpatrick - Alumni Ambassador, works in International Development

Ashley S. Fitzpatrick

Ashley S. Fitzpatrick

What others say about us

"As I work full-time I needed a program that would provide me with the necessary flexibility to manage work and further studies simultaneously. Additionally, I did not want to be tied to one particular location for two years, so I wanted a MA program that would lend itself to an international lifestyle and enable me to move abroad.

The course content is rigorous and diverse and the tutors and staff are exceptional. Through the program I made incredible contacts from around the globe who have already proven to be invaluable colleagues, mentors, and friends.

Through the program I have honed my analytical and communication skills (particularly written) and further developed a worldview that is well-cultivated with a solid theoretical underpinning. Through the internship and simulation I developed practical skills like negotiation, how to conduct interviews with high-ranking public officials from around the world, and strengthened my cross-cultural competency. Finally, through the thesis I formed a special interest in a specific issue area that will help shape my career track.

I highly recommend the M.A. International Relations Online program to motivated professionals looking for flexibility, challenging coursework, a small class-size, and a close-knit learning community in spite of geographic separation. Moreover, the program is a great way to transition between professional fields."