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Balqis Qudeimat

"Why is M.A. International Relations Online interesting for you?"

Inna Souter

"How do you benefit from our in-house classes?"

Ludovic - Pharmaceutical Auditor

"What is the greatest benefit in studying International Relations Online for you?"

Christian - German Armed Forces

"What are the most prevalent issues in global politics today?"

Daniel - Technical Recruiter

"In which way did International Relations Online help you in your working life?"

Kristina - Program Coordinator

"Why do you study online International Relations?"

Ludovic - Pharmaceutical Auditor

"In what ways are your professors and peers helpful in guiding you through the International Relations Online studies?"


"What are your goals in life and how can International Relations Online be helpful to achieve them?"

Ludovic - Pharmaceutical Auditor

"What do you expect to get out of studying global political conflict?"

Anika - Business English Teacher

"How did you experience the International Relations Online in-house classes so far?"

Begoña Parajón Robles - M.A. International Relations Online

"How does the interaction with your peers and professors help while studying International Relations Online?"

Dan Woods - M.A. International Relations Online

"What is your take on the International Relations Online learning methods?"

Anika - Business English Teacher

"Why do you study global politics?"

Bonita Backhouse - M.A. International Relations Online

"What are the benefits of e-learning?"

Ludovic - Pharmaceutical Auditor

"What are your goals in life and how can International Relations Online help along the way?"

Colin Gills

"Why did you decide to study M.A International Relations Online and in which ways is the program helpful to reach your goals?"

Anika - Business English Teacher

"Why do you think studying global politics is important?"

Erika Burri

is a journalist by training and studies International Relations Online.

Ashley S. Fitzpatrick - Alumni Ambassador, works in International Development

"The course content is rigorous and diverse and the tutors and staff are exceptional. I made incredible contacts from around the globe who have already proven to be invaluable colleagues, mentors, and friends. I highly recommend the IR Online program to motivated professionals looking for flexibility, challenging coursework, a small class-size, and a close-knit learning community in spite of geographic separation. Moreover, the program is a great way to transition between professional fields."

Jānis Bērziņš

"On the day I applied for the International Relations online Master's program offered by the Center for Global Politics, I had already worked in the Foreign Affairs sector for 4 years. As I wrote my application letter to the Free University of Berlin I remember struggling, because I believed that I had gathered sufficient experience in the field. However, it turns out I was mistaken..."

Anouk, CGP student, took a stand-alone module on International law.

“I found the module very useful, it was exactly the topic I was interested in. It allowed me to gain further fluency in English on an academic level and I could work on it from everywhere at any time.”

Ruprecht Polenz - Member of the Bundestag, CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, CGP-board member

"Globalization means acceleration and moving closer together on this planet. It creates opportunities, but also stokes fears. The Center for Global Politics discusses the resulting questions with students from all over the world. It thereby contributes to a deeper understanding of these processes and identifies the opportunities that globalization provides for Germany and Europe."

Hildergard Müller - Executive Manager, German Energy and Water Association (BDEW), Berlin

"The Center for Global Politics is an institute of worldwide networkers. Its programs provide flexible and up-to-date teaching tools, connect students with people from various cultural and professional backgrounds, and enhance career opportunities."

Justas Paleckis - Member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Brussels, CGP-board member

"The Center for Global Politics is one of Europe’s most vital and significant educational institutions. Its strength lies within the competent leadership, experienced professors, top quality researches and global net of partners."

Prof. (emer.) Dr. Robert Legvold - Marshall Shulman Professor Emeritus, Boston, CGP-board member

"When the academy is undergoing rapid and profound change in the formats by which graduate students are educated, one of the most impressive strengths of the CGP is the creative way that has introduced different teaching models and platforms. This is allowing the Center and the University to reach a much broader array of students and to meet their needs with unusual flexibility. It puts the CGP at the forefront of educational innovation both in Europe and North America."

Prof. Dr. Yu Keping - Director of the Center for Chinese Government Innovations, Beijing

"The Center for Global Politics provides students with new tools to understand this global age better: comparative perspectives, innovative knowledge and creative thinking. Indeed, it is a good place where people learn their global knowledge and develop their global thinking for good global governance."