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What does The M.A. International Relations Online offer?

The M.A. International Relations Online (IR Online) is a Master of Arts degree program of 120 credit units, ECTS standards. You can earn your Masters of Arts degree in two years with full-time enrollment and in four years with part-time enrollment. IR Online is accessible from anywhere around the world via a digital online platform for distance learning. You will profit from a combination of online modules and face-to-face instruction. The language of instruction is English.

Here are the learning skills you will gain with IR Online:

Analytical understanding of transformations, developments, and challenges in global politics today
Ability to tackle global issues with equal hard and soft-skills
E-competencies by studying online and interacting with peers and professors globally via online blended learning tools
Intercultural skills by working with people of different cultural and professional backgrounds

Our online learning management system allows you to study wherever you are and whenever you want. You will receive regular and individual feedback and guidance from our instructors.

Please note:
You will be able to choose your own learning path by selecting your preferred study focus area.

The two focus areas are:

Global Politics

Become a generalist in the issues and tools of IR and global politics.

Area Studies

Become an expert in area/regional studies with the right knowledge and skills for your particular regional field of inquiry. We are developing additional modules such as Rising China and Arab Spring Pathways.

Throughout your IR online studies you will:

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