Last Modules start today for students of IRO 11

Time went by so fast. 36 students started International Relations Online in October 2016. 16 months and 10 modules later, the students are starting with their last modules today. ‘Capital and Finance’, ‘Changing Eastern Europe’ and ‘the European Model’ are the topics of those last ...

News from Jan 22, 2018

A Week of In-House Classes Starts on October 9th 2017

Students of the programs International Relations Online and East European Studies gather for one week in October in Berlin to attend interesting courses and network with their peers.

News from Sep 21, 2017

Preparatory Course for IRO Master's Students

In October 2017, we welcome the 12th run of International Relations Online (IRO) students to the Center for Global Politics. In order to prepare them for two exciting years ahead, we provide them with a preparatory course on everything they need to know before coming to class for the first time.

News from Jul 26, 2017

Final Day of In-House Classes

Our blended-learning master’s students have spent one exciting week of in-house classes at CGP’s home campus in Berlin. On their final day, February 24, we take a look back at what they’ve accomplished.  

News from Feb 24, 2017

Fourth Day of In-House Classes

After four days of in-house classes, the time to say goodbye is coming closer. Today, February 23, the IRO and EES students have the chance to fill up on both political and culinary food for thought.

News from Feb 23, 2017

Third Day of In-House Classes at CGP’s Home Campus in Berlin

Time flies when you are having fun! Today, February 22, marks the middle of the first week of in-house classes in 2017.

News from Feb 22, 2017

IRO and EES Students Continue With Their Second Day of In-House Classes

On their second day of in-house classes, February 21, the master’s students get ready to dig deeper into global matters before taking the time to focus on the local and discover some of Berlin’s very own highlights.

News from Feb 21, 2017

First Day of First Week of 2017 In-House Classes

Starting today, February 20, the Center for Global Politics brings together online students and teachers for the next round of in-house classes.

News from Feb 20, 2017

IRO student Jason Cowles got selected for the Atlantic Expedition fellowship

CGP’s International Relations Online student Jason Cowles got selected for the Atlantic Expedition fellowship’s first expedition in February 2017.

News from Dec 20, 2016

Overview of Another Successful and Interesting In-house Class Week

October in-house class came to a successful end.

News from Oct 12, 2016

Day 3 of October In-House-Classes for IRO Students

Midpoint in the second week of in-house classes for 2016, IRO students took part in a series of lecture and an organized excursion on Germany’s parliamentary history.

News from Oct 12, 2016

Day 2 of October In-House-Classes for IRO Students

After an inspiring an entertaining first day, IRO and EES students reconvene for another set of interesting courses and an expert talk by Dr. Georgiy Kasianov.

News from Oct 11, 2016

Day 1 of October In-House-Classes for IRO Students

Today, October 10, IRO students meet at Henry Ford Building to start an inspiring week of in-house classes.

News from Oct 10, 2016

Week of In-House Classes are starting soon

International Relations Online students gather next week in Berlin to attend interesting courses and network with their peers. 

News from Oct 07, 2016

Dive Into The World of Culture in Politics

International Relations Online (IRO) module Policy Issues: Narratives and the Cultural Factor with Dr. Ipshita Basu is set to begin next month.

News from Jun 30, 2016

Gain an Understanding of Global Risks

An International Relations Online (IRO) module on ‘Global Risks and Uncertainties’ will begin next month

News from Jun 02, 2016

Did you know that IR Online is as international as its subject of study?

International Relations Online (IRO) students benefit greatly from international peers and perspectives over the course of their study.

News from Apr 27, 2016

New module on the politics of energy set to begin

A new International Relations Online (IRO) module called ‘Energy’ will start in early April.

News from Mar 30, 2016

IRO In-house Classes Come to a Close

The first week of International Relations Online (IRO) in-house classes for 2016 has ended on a highly productive note

News from Feb 26, 2016

IRO Students Take Part in Planpolitik Simulation Game

M.A. International Relations Online (IRO) students have taken part in a geopolitical simulation game on the fourth day of in-house classes.

News from Feb 25, 2016